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Welcome, my Friend. I know what has brought you here. It’s why I’m here, too. Like so many across the globe, we’re earnestly searching for answers to the question, “How can I become truly well in body, mind, AND spirit?”

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Who is The Pelvic Priestess?

My name is Erika Grace, and I am honored that you are here. As both a medical professional and a mystic, I have been on this quest most of my life. My journey of inquiry has led me in wildly different directions – from a doctorate from Duke University Medical School, to a Priestess mystery school, to ordainment as a Shamanic Minister.

My unique perspective has culminated in this offering, which I hope holds something for you on your journey to wellness.

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It is clear that our modern solutions are not working.

We live in a society that yearns deeply for health and wholeness, yet is increasingly plagued by dis-ease of body, mind, and spirit. It is clear that our modern solutions are not working.

Healing our pelvic bowl can be a portal to whole-person wellness. Our energetic center is located in our pelvis, as is our primal need for safety and connection.

It is from our pelvis that we can ground and balance our energies and tap into our pleasure, joy, and power.

It is here that the muscles and other tissues in the pelvic bowl interdigitate in a complex physiological dance with our:





Nervous systems

Directing our healing attentions here will inevitably exact profound transformation of our body and of our entire Being.

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Healing Mind, Body & Spirit

A different approach to healing has become urgent. In our modern struggle for health of body, mind, and spirit, we often feel like we’re beating our head against the same wall again and again.

  • Physical and emotional symptoms that strip us of our quality of life. 
  • Doctors and specialists who don’t have the answers, or maybe even dismiss our complaints altogether. 
  • A constant barrage from magazine articles, friends, and social media of well-meaning health advice or lifestyle ‘tips and tricks’ that mostly serve to pile even more onto our busy schedules.
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We can’t solve our modern problems with modern solutions.

We must go deeper and tap into our ancient collective and individual knowing to unearth how to truly care for ourselves in a deeply nourishing and sustainable way.

We need a revolution in:

  • How we live our daily lives
  • To what we give our attention
  • What we believe about ourselves, and 
  • What we choose to prioritize
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Even more fundamentally, we encourage inquiry into the societal norms of our modern culture and whether they serve or hamper us on our journey to wellness.

Once we begin examining these artificial constraints, often we find ourselves singing for this revolution and envisioning new ways to structure our daily lives, and even entire social structure, that enable us to be firmly rooted in joy, fulfillment, and health for our entire Being.

Shall we begin?

The Pelvic Priestess offers knowledge, resources, and tools related to pelvic health, holistic health, and healing of mind and spirit.

Join The Revolution

Join The Revolution

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