Origin Story

Birth of the Pelvic Priestess

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As a pelvic floor specialist, I have been treating women and men with reproductive, bladder, bowel, and pain issues for many years. A troubling trend began to emerge over time – I observed that many of my patients coming for pelvic complaints also appeared to be systemically ill. 

They report symptoms including:

  • Chronic pain (often in multiple areas of the body)
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Anxiety/depression
  • Cognitive issues, such as brain fog or memory loss
  • Heart palpitations or increased/irregular heart rate
  • Dizziness or vertigo
  • Severe or chronic headache
  • Numbness or nerve pain
  • Sleep disruption or insomnia

Some of these patients had received a diagnosis – autoimmune disease, tick-borne illness, exposure to mold – but most had been to specialist after specialist with no answers, their symptoms remaining a ‘mystery.’

Even for patients whose complaints were relatively mild, I was observing an epidemic of high stress, anxiety, and/or depression that seems to plague the vast majority of people I encounter.

From these professional experiences as well as my personal journey with chronic illness, tragedy, and grief, I became fascinated with the root causes of dis-ease. In addition, I yearned to find potential solutions for restoring wellness, which clearly calls for a holistic mind-body-spirit approach. 

I remain a staunch advocate for in-person pelvic health therapy and strongly encourage each of you to seek it out if you have any pelvic health complaints! However, pelvic rehab remains unavailable in many areas of the US and world-wide. And even with this therapy, I believe that many of us will not be able to fully heal from our issues without also addressing the myriad of dysfunctional inputs caused by modern society.

It is in this spirit that The Pelvic Priestess was born, to offer pelvic health and holistic health information widely, to assist people with identifying the aforementioned dysfunctional inputs, and to support and inspire both personal and societal change to a healthier, more joyful, and more sustainable way of living.

I’m delighted that you are here and hope you will Join the Revolution!

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