The Three Vessels

The pelvic bowl is the seat of our being and an entry-way for a deeper connection with ourselves, our own ancient knowing, and the solutions for our own wellness. Healing our pelvic bowl can be a portal to whole-person wellness.

To heal through this portal, we must continuously fill (to overflowing!) our pelvic bowl so that we have the necessary nutrients for wholeness. We can find this nourishment in the Three Vessels of Sustenance, Sensuality, and Synergy.

Pelvic priestess sustenance fruits
pelvic priestess henna design decoration


Nourishment of the Body

The Vessel of Sustenance first and foremost includes rest. While good quality and sufficient sleep are components of rest, much more is needed. It is critical to have ample time built into our daily and weekly schedules for true physical and mental rest.

  • Time in which we are not ‘doing.’
  • Time in which we are not productive.
  • Time to recharge and renew our energy.

Sustenance also includes healthy movement, as well as everything we put in and on our bodies, such as:

  • Sufficient hydration
  • Nutrient-rich – yet pleasurable! – food
  • Optimization of gut health
  • Sufficient intake of vitamins and minerals
  • Inclusion of of healthy fats
  • Herbal medicines
  • Reduced exposure to toxic chemicals, pesticides, molds, & pollution, including in skin care products

By holistically and intentionally caring for and ‘feeding’ our physical containers, we build the necessary foundation for healing.

pelvic woman in the sunset


Nourishment of the Mind & Emotions

The Vessel of Sensuality includes anything and everything that ‘fills your cup.’ Cultivating true wellness requires ample joy and pleasure in our lives.
For so many, life has become a never-ending series of obligations…

  • Work!
  • Kids and their activities!
  • Social commitments!
  • Home and yard responsibilities!
  • Extended family!
  • Being a good person!

We spend all our time frantically trying to check to-dos off our list, while new tasks are added faster than we can cross them off. A re-prioritization is needed, in which we cultivate space in our lives to rest and to pursue our own pleasure.

The Vessel of Sensuality also includes connecting with and inhabiting our bodies. Due to our aforementioned busy-ness, most of us have racing brains from morning to night. Instead of being grounded in our bodies, we are constantly up in our heads thinking about all we ‘have’ to do.
Our bodies are

  • A gift
  • A source of joy
  • Our instrument

and we must re-inhabit them to achieve full wellness of mind-body-spirit.

Tending to our emotional and mental wellness builds on the foundation we created with the Vessel of Sustenance and adds joy, pleasure, growth, and meaning to our lives.

pelvic priestess henna design decoration
pelvic woman in the sunset
the pelvic priestess meditation at the beach
pelvic priestess henna design decoration


Nourishment of the Spirit

The Vessel of Synergy seeks to complete the ‘filling our bowl’ with our energetic and spiritual health. 
This includes balancing and grounding our own energy. The more we can do this, the more we experience peace and clarity. The more we radiate peace and clarity, the more likely we are to experience (and notice!) synergistic occurrences and improved ‘flow’ of life.
From this place of greater alignment, we are much more deeply resourced and experience increased capacities and decreased stress in life. 

It is also necessary to protect ourselves from the energy of others at times. This includes listening to our intuition and setting healthy boundaries.

It is not necessary to consider oneself spiritual or religious to engage with the energetic component of this Vessel. 
For those who believe in some type of organizing force of the universe, nurturing this relationship is included in the Vessel of Synergy.

Our path to shepherd our energetic and spiritual health is highly individual. For some of us this may look like daily prayer and devotion; for others it could be meditation; and for still others it might simply be a practice that helps us shut off our monkey mind and  ‘drop in’ to our higher self, such as spending quiet time in nature, singing or making music, or dancing.

Filling our Vessel of Synergy keeps us in optimal energetic alignment and with our Light shining bright, in greater benefit to ourselves and the world around us.